Clear acne with Lumispa 

Lumispa is the most recommended cleansing device and won several awards for being the most loved skincare device. The device is made with proprietary micropulse oscillation technology to promote smoother and seven skin benefits in just two minutes.  How is it different?  ageLoc Lumispa is a first-of-a-kind, dual-action cleansing system that renews and deep cleanses […]

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Acne – Skincare Routine 

People with oily/acne-prone skin will know the pain of choosing the right skincare products to reduce acne and not over-drying our skin, which could cause skin inflammation from harsh skin-drying ingredients. A basic skincare routine  Morning Evening  For cleansers, we need to choose one that cleanses our skin without causing damage to our natural skin […]

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Little about whiteheads

What are whiteheads?  Whiteheads are composed of oils (sebum), and dead skin cells are clogged in the pores. Over time, those whiteheads will oxidize, and that is when it becomes blackheads.  People who suffer from acne-prone skin will experience shiny cheeks and foreheads by midday, which could be embarrassing, but that’s not the primary concern. […]

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litte about acne

What is acne?  Acne is a skin condition caused by clogged pores, oils- sebums- naturally produced by our skin to maintain skin hydration; impurities and dead cells cause clogged pores.  There are different forms of acne;  Teenagers are the most common age group to get acne, but acne affects all age groups. For those like […]

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