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  • How do I choose my facial cleanser?

    How do I choose my facial cleanser?

    You can tell me how much you’ve spent on your facial cleanser. The truth is we need to choose the right product that suits our skin. Most of the time, we are not paying for the quality of the product but for the brand and marketing of the product.   Why is cleansing important?  Cleansing is…

  • spot treatment

    spot treatment

    Spot treatment is another skincare that skincare lovers would have in their skincare collections. Spot treatments are targeted to assist in soothing, to diminish, and healing the spots. Spot treatment is typically what we apply on the breakouts and around the area to relieve the discomfort from the inflammation. Many spot treatments will be formulated…

  • Why do we need to use Toner?

    Why do we need to use Toner?

    Toner is a liquid we apply to our skin every morning and even after we wash our skin to refresh and balance the skin’s pH quickly.  Toner is crucial in our skincare routine and significantly impacts our skin. It helps the skin to minimise the appearance of the pores and quickly refreshes and hydrates our…