About Kelly

Who Am I?

I am Kelly; I was born in Cambodia and grew up in New Zealand. I am a mum to a little explorer. We love to travel trying out cafes, but most of all, we love to spend time with each other.

I have worked in a local health and beauty store as a skincare/ health advisor for the past three years. Even till now, I have met so many customers with all sorts of health concerns and skin conditions. Being able to guide them to find the right products is what I love to do.

I have learnt so much in these three years. I love makeup, skincare and health supplement that will help to support my beauty from within. My soul has been telling me that I need to share my tips and experience with more people, so I decided to become a full-time skincare blogger and be a part-time skincare advisor at my workplace to advise the locals.

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