About Kelly

Who Am I?

I am a health/beauty advisor; been working in a health/beauty store for about five years. My most experienced field in skincare would be ‘acne’.

I am a person who is born with acne-prone skin myself. I have been through so many skincare products, and whether they are acid-based or natural-based, it’s not exaggerating to say I think I’ve tried them all. I started with the acne skincare range from the supermarket to the pharmacy level. Then I upgraded myself to get ance treatments done at the skincare clinic, but the stubborn acne never disappeared.

Luckily, after trying out different skincare products and adjusting my skincare routine, I finally met a product that can keep my acne under control and diminish the scars from previous breakouts. Best of all, it doesn’t harm or damage my skin with harsh chemicals and acids.

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