Clear acne with Lumispa 

Lumispa is the most recommended cleansing device and won several awards for being the most loved skincare device. The device is made with proprietary micropulse oscillation technology to promote smoother and seven skin benefits in just two minutes. 

How is it different? 

ageLoc Lumispa is a first-of-a-kind, dual-action cleansing system that renews and deep cleanses our skin and also energises the skin in just two minutes. 

It cleanses with the unique sweeping motion, purifying the impurities, oils, dead skin cells and make-up residues from our pores. At the same time, it promotes dynamic skin renewal with the proprietary micropulse oscillation technology. 

The seven benefits of prolonged use of Lumispa device are; 

  • smoother 
  • softer
  • radiance 
  • purified
  • brighter 
  • clarity
  • minimised pores appearance 

Why Do I have to use the treatment cleanser with it? 

There are five treatment cleansers to choose from, specifically designed to suit different skin types. They are each made with the best-chosen ingredients to adapt and suit our skin types and with the ageLoc blend ingredients to target visible ageing signs. 

It’s crucial to use the Lumispa device. They are used to work alongside micropulse-proprietary oscillation, which promotes the seven skin benefits stated above. 

Image of Lumispa Treatment cleansers 

The ageLoc Lumispa treatment heads 

The ageLoc Lumispa treatment heads come in three different types to suit our skin. 

There are three treatment heads available; 

  • firm- for oily/ mature skin 
  • normal- normal/ dry skin 
  • gentle- sensitive/ acne skin 

What’s in the Treatment Heads? 

The treatment heads are made with non-abrasive silicone; hence, they won’t cause any skin damage while we are cleansing our face. They are embedded with antimicrobial silver to maintain the cleansing head’s hygiene. 

The other benefit is that it’s made to make users’ life easier, as cleaning the head is easily done by just rinsing the head with water after every use. 

For the best result, it’s recommended to replace the treatment head every month for three months of usage.   


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