Acne – Skincare Routine 

People with oily/acne-prone skin will know the pain of choosing the right skincare products to reduce acne and not over-drying our skin, which could cause skin inflammation from harsh skin-drying ingredients.

A basic skincare routine 


  1. cleanse- cleanse
  2. tone- preps 
  3. serum- corrects
  4. moisturiser- hydrates
  5. sunscreen – protects 


  1. remove sunscreen/ make-up micellar water/ make-up remover- 1st step cleanse 
  2. cleanse- double cleanse 
  3. tone- preps 
  4. serum- corrects 
  5. moisturiser- replenish 

For cleansers, we need to choose one that cleanses our skin without causing damage to our natural skin mantle. Our natural skin p.H is slightly slanting towards acidic, and most skin cleansers are highly alkaline due to their effective cleansing properties. Choose a soap-free facial cleanser and p.H balance. 

There are times when our skin feels tight and dry. That is because the facial cleanser is stripping off our natural oil. This will damage our skin mantle, and over time our skin will be dry, which could lead to skin concerns such as eczema and other skin concerns. 

Toner is what we need to use every morning and evening after we cleanse our skin; it’s to hydrate our skin, rebalance the skin’s pH, and minimise the appearance of pores on our skin. 

Remember to use moisturiser even if you have oily/ acne-prone. If we don’t apply moisturiser to our skin, our skin will produce more sebum, leading to a higher chance of clogged pores. 

A handy tip is to choose products labelled as non-comedogenic, which means the product has a lower chance of getting acne. 

Serums are what we use to correct our skin problems. We will look for acne-fighting ingredients, such as salicylic acid, retinol and glycolic acid. Those are my three favourite ingredients that I would look for in all my skincare products. 

We must wear sunscreen regardless of the weather condition, rain or shine. It helps protect our skin from UV damage, and it will help slow ageing signs. 


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