Little about whiteheads

What are whiteheads? 

Whiteheads are composed of oils (sebum), and dead skin cells are clogged in the pores. Over time, those whiteheads will oxidize, and that is when it becomes blackheads. 

People who suffer from acne-prone skin will experience shiny cheeks and foreheads by midday, which could be embarrassing, but that’s not the primary concern. The main problem is we get more whiteheads than those with normal and dry skin. 

Even those who have normal skin could also have oily T-zone. Our sebaceous glands produce more sebum around the T-zone than in other areas on our skin. Our skin produces sebum to keep our skin moisturised and hydrated throughout the day. 

Methods to reduce whiteheads?

Make sure we remove the make-up and sunscreen with either micellar water or make-up remover daily to avoid clogged pores. Those products may contain ingredients that may block our pores if they are not removed at the end of the day.

Daily cleansing is crucial to keep our skin healthy and flawless. By cleansing our skin, I mean using the right skincare product and the award-winning cleansing device. 

Exfoliating twice or up to three times a week is recommended to cleanse the stubborn dead skin cells to maintain smooth and clear skin radiance. 

A cleansing clay mask is a good idea to use once a week to deep cleanse our pores by absorbing the impurities and oils from the pores. 


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