Clear Action = Clear Skin

Hello to all my beloved followers! It feels great to be writing blogs again, and I will rearrange my time to update my blog promptly.

I have completed my IT course, and soon will be qualified as an IT support technician. But I am still a skincare and makeup lover who is always on the hunt to keep my skin clear from acne and slow down the ageing signs.

I swear by the Nu-Skin Clear Action range with Lumispa Treatment Cleanser for my acne-prone skin. This range not only prevents breakouts but also helps to diminish past acne marks. God knows how many sets I’ve gone through within the past couple of years when I first discovered the Clear Action range. The Clear Action set comes with a Lumispa Treatment Cleanser (acne), toner, and a day and night treatment. Each set lasts about an average of 45 days of usage, based on my use.

Now that I’ve changed my diet, cutting down on carbs with regular exercise on my day off with the proper skincare, which is very important.

Once again, sunscreen is crucial to slow ageing signs and ageing spots around the cheekbone and chin area because I was going to work outdoors without sunscreen. I couldn’t get the sunscreen from La Clinica as it was the sunscreen that doesn’t leave a white stain and doesn’t clog pores. With that sunscreen, it uses a form of zinc known as nano zinc, and currently, this ingredient is short; therefore, it’s out of stock everywhere.

I have a friend who was a former beauty therapist, and she recommends giving La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50+ SPF Invisible Fluid a try. And after a week of using it, this sunscreen is also an option for people with oily/acne-prone skin. It’s a very light milky texture. It’s my second sunscreen so far, as it’s lightweight and doesn’t clog pores.

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