Covid Victim!

I just found out that I’ve caught Covid. There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable, and there’s nothing we can do apart from locking ourselves away from others and keeping the good practice of social distance.

For me, describing this virus is slightly worse than a cold. These are the symptoms I have experienced; fever, dry coughs, tired/fatigue, dizziness/ headache; these symptoms comes and goes during the day.

With Covid, it’s a virus unless you experience extreme difficulty with breathing with regular activity. The doctor will suggest that the patient goes to the hospital for treatment; otherwise, we can self treat at home with paracetamol, preferably 1000mg per dose and four doses per day. Because I also have asthma, I need to take the inhaler to assist with the whizziness and experience a tight chest. Other symptoms such as; dry mouth, itchy and tickly throat can be easily treated with any throat spray or warm lemon ginger drink and cough lollies.

The worst symptoms I find are the ongoing mild headache and dizziness, and the weakness in the muscles. There is nothing I could do to relieve these two symptoms. I am not sick enough to just lay in bed, yet I am not in an excellent condition to do high concentration work.

Though I can’t do intensive overnight study, I can do part-time, going back and forth depending on my health condition. If I am not feeling my best, I will watch some videos related to the topic to get a better outlining without interpreting the information myself.

If you are also one of the Covid positive patients, stay calm and look after yourself. From my experience, the worst symptoms will last for a couple of days. But the cough attack comes from time to time during the day, but I know that my body gets tired very quickly from simple activity. The last thing I could do would be, give myself a lot of supplements to help with faster recovery and take many rests.

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