Do’s, and Dont’s To Maintain Clear Skin

There are more than just skincare that contributes towards healthy skin. I am very cautious with my skincare; there are a few things that I would look out for when getting skincare; 

  1. Mineral oil- many skincare brands use mineral oil as an agent to keep our skin moisturised. Mineral oil is cheap and unlikely to cause any skin allergy reaction. 
  2. Mattifying products: regardless of moisturisers, toners, or serums. Because they tend to clog my pores up, I see clusters of whiteheads forming in my skin. That is a sign of showing that my skin doesn’t like those mattifying skincare. 
  3. Fragrance, if it’s possible, I would avoid that skincare that contains fragrance/ perfume. Otherwise, it’s not a significant concern for me compared to mineral oil and lanolin or PEG 75.

Again, if you are absolutely in love with your skincare, and it’s doing well, then I would say you don’t need to change a thing. If you are looking for tips to improve your skin condition, you could try these tips. 

  • Double cleanse your skin; if you wear makeup that includes; tinted moisturiser, BB cream, sunscreen. 
  • Exfoliate your skin regularly; twice a week is highly recommended. 
  • Apply moisturiser every morning and night, no matter your skin type. Cut down the carbs and sugars in your diet, and I found that a healthy diet also leads to healthy skin. 
  • Taking collagen and probiotic supplements is an excellent way to maintain immunity in your skin and health. 

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