Good Skincare Routine Part 2

Understanding Your Skincare

Taking my time doing my skincare and investing in my skin makes me feel the best, as I am spending and investing in myself. The skin is the largest organ in our body, and it works all day, every day, to keep us healthy.

What does our skin do for us?

Here is a brief idea of what our skin is doing daily;

  • Function as a barrier to protect toxins and harmful microorganisms in the environment
  • Being a solid waterproof shield to prevent fluids and nutrients leak out from our body
  • Producing melanin to protect our skin from getting sun damage
  • Regulating our body temperature by opening and closing blood vessels to allow sweat to evaporate to cool us down

These are only a part of what our skin does for us daily. Therefore, investing and taking care of our skin daily is essential.

What does our skin look like?

Our skin structure has three layers: Epidermis, Dermis, Subcutis. The epidermis is the outer layer of our skin structure; the outer layer comprises our skin cells- keratinocytes with new cells made in the lowest layer. It takes around a month for the cells to travel to the top. The living skin cells will become a layer of dead skin cells and constantly shedding in the stratum corneum. This process will slow down as we age; therefore, we need to keep our skin cleansed and exfoliated to maintain a bright and refreshed complexion.

The bottom of the epidermis layer also produces melanin to shield our skin from getting UV damage.

The Dermis

This is the middle layer of the skin structure; the thicker layer of skin contains the blood vessels and nerves, which allows us to have a sense of touch. This layer contains two types of protein; collagen and elastin. When we are younger, our skin is made up of collagen and elastin, which allows our skin to have the resilience and ability to flex back instantly.

As we age, our body doesn’t produce as much collagen as it should, that is when the wrinkles start to show, and our skin will start to dry.

Subcutaneous Tissue:

This is a layer of fat that lies between our skin and muscles. It protects our muscles from the beating your skin gets every day and regulates your body’s temperature. When we age, this layer gets thinner; that is why the veins show through, and our skin looks less smooth and cellulite in some areas of our body.

Our skin is working overtime for us, and it’s one of the largest organs; it shields us and protects us from the harmful toxins and prevent nutrients leaking out from our body.

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