Acne allows me discovered the best within myself

Do you ever feel uncomfortable in your skin due to acne? Don’t worry; I still have this issue occasionally, but I take that acne as an advantage most of the time. I have to say nothing feels better than accepting and loving yourself in your skin.

Having acne is one of my things; it’s like the subject that I talk about every day, sharing acne experiences with customers and friends who have concerns about acne and large pores. They love to hear about the acne battling journey; it gives them more information and fun facts about acne.

Acne doesn’t just pop out of nowhere, and they take 2-6 weeks to form. Getting acne is a sign that my body tells me I am doing something it doesn’t like or can’t tolerate. When I get acne, I am not annoyed with it anymore. I’ve changed my mindset and thoughts towards getting acne; I still treat the old acne scars.

Even stressing out about getting acne also cause breakouts. Now, I’ve learnt to stay calm, fix my diet, balance out my workload, and the acne on the skin will clear up with the combination of proper treatment and a balanced diet and lifestyle. Rather than getting stressed out about my acne attacking me, I will think back to my sleep time, recent diet, etc.

Having acne may be one of your advantages in the future. Smile, stay calm and do your acne skincare routine. Don’t let acne steal your confidence; enjoy yourself and do the above and believe me, it will get cleared up.

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