Allergy to KN95 Masks

NZ is currently experiencing a high Onmicron outbreak, and the government has advised that N95 masks offer much better protection from the virus. What I like about the N95 mask is that I find it easier to breathe than the standard mask, but the downside is I think I have an allergy to those masks.

I first thought I was getting breakouts from wearing an N95 mask because it’s suffocating my skin from breathing while wearing makeup. But then I stopped wearing makeup to work because I’ll be covering my face with the mask anyway. So I started to stop using foundation and bb cream, but only my eyebrows and eye shadows, but I am still getting clustered of bumps on my jawline.

According to my experience, it will be inflamed sometime within the next two weeks. But I would not like that to happen; therefore, I am taking an immunity boost supplement to reduce the allergy reaction and protect myself against viruses. I will be treating it as how I usually treat acne, using glycolic acid, salicylic acid and retinol.

I’ll be repurchasing my favourite set, which I always use in the winter and autumn season, Nuskin Clear Action. This set is excellent for battling and preventing acne outbreaks. The Forgotten Treasures-Clear Action

I have to be honest that I have been using other skincare from drug stores. I ran out of my usual acne-prone skincare products, and I couldn’t wait for them to get delivered due to the heavy delay from courier service due to all the Christmas shopping. So I went to drug stores and picked up some acne-prone skincare during the past two months, and it wasn’t showing me any signs until lately when I started wearing masks 7-9 hours for work.

Though there is no direct evidence to prove that having an allergy can cause acne, I think for me, that’s how my body works. I believe that getting acne is a sign for me to be alert and take notes of what I have been doing lately because my body system or skin can’t tolerate them.

It’s now time to pull myself back together, begin my healthy mind and healthy diet and continue with my Happy Mum’s Life Journey.

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