Celebrating Lunar New Year!

This year is the year of Tiger, 2022. We celebrate the Lunar New Year by having dinner with family and friends on New Year’s Eve. On New Year’s day, we will be travelling around to visit our relatives to hand out what we call the ‘red packet’ to children and young adults who are still dependent on their parents.

What’s inside the red packet? It’s cash. When you give a gift, we would like the ensure that the receivers enjoy our present and it will be something that will be useful to the receivers. Gifting a ‘red packet’ is like giving a Prezzy card or a voucher, where the receivers could decide what they like to spend it on for themselves; that is the traditional way of celebrating Lunar New Year.

I have a small family, and I know what my family is into, making my presents shopping easier. I know them almost inside out, so I can get them a little gift from their favourite store along with the store voucher to allow them to treat themselves.

This year I think we will be skipping the dinner gatherings at the restaurant due to covid restrictions. So, once again, I’ll be getting presents online along with the ‘red packet’ tradition.

We don’t just give our relatives ‘red packet’ if you are a CEO or a boss to a business or a company. You would also gift your employees a red packet each person to show your appreciation and thank them for choosing to work with you than other firms.

We celebrate Lunar New Year is like how we celebrate Christmas and New Year day together. I need to prepare four red packets, and those are for my parents, sister, and daughter. My parents would receive a red packet each to show my appreciation for their unconditional love for me, always watch over me, stand by me, and have me backed all the time regardless of poor decisions and stubborn ones. As for my daughter, I could pray for nothing apart from praying for her to be healthy and be her best possible. I love her from the bottom of my heart for my sister, and she is the most incredible sister I could ever ask for and the best aunty for my daughter.

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