Happy New Year! 2022 will be awesome!

2022 is here! May this year be an easy-going year for all of us! This year is different to the previous years for me. This year I have put my effort into preparing for Christmas and new year as a family.

Christmas in New Zealand is different to what would come into mind when thinking about Christmas. Christmas in New Zealand is extremely hot, as it’s full-on summer weather.

Many families in New Zealand celebrate Christmas day and New Year day in a park or at the beach. Mainly we would be outdoor activities with family and friends. Otherwise, we would be enjoying ourselves in another country.

This year we had so much fun together as a family, we had an awesome Christmas day at home with homemade BBQ for dinner, and another homemade dinner on New Year’s Day.

I also hope that everyone enjoyed their holidays with their beloved family and friends. Once again, Happy New Year! 2022 is a new start to our life journey, and I am here wishing you all a happy journey throughout 2022!

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