Let’s Start Getting Ready for Christmas!

Another 15 sleeps till Christmas! Friday Friyay!

I had a productive day today with my little minion. We are preparing for Christmas. Going out shopping together since lockdown is over. I am always extra cautious when taking her out and about with me. Don’t forget to wear your mask when going out, protect yourself and be kind to others.

The most satisfying job I got done today was dropping my car off for a clean. The first time I got my car cleaned after over 70 days of lockdown, it felt great and refreshed. We went to have lunch at our favourite place together while waiting for the car to get washed.

What makes today a productive day is, we both found something we liked from our favourite store, the Lego store. What is even better is, they are currently running a promotion. We got a gift with purchase when spending over a certain amount. I am sure we will enjoy building the new Lego set together.

The second thing is that makes me feel productive is, dropping her off at her math class. Her schooling life is returning to how it should though physical schooling time is only two days a week and three days on online education.

It’s been ages since the last time we had a productive day, where everything got done smoothly without any concerns or delays.

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