AgeLoc Facial Gel- the secret to have youthful and vibrant appeareance

What is it?

AgeLoc facial gels are an advanced anti-ageing treatment to assist with vibrant, youthful and invigorated skin. AgeLoc facial gels are two steps treatment, pre-treatment gel and a treatment gel used with Ageloc Galvanic Spa device to deliver the best result in firming, lifting and contouring.

How does it work?

It only works with ageLoc Galvanic Spa that is self-adjusting galvanic current. Ageloc Galvanic Spa is a home therapy device that uses galvanic current to deliver charged treatment products that visibly improve the signs. Owning a galvanic spa device will allow you to have a firm, lift, and rejuvenate skin from head to toe.

The ageLoc facial gels are consist of pre-treatment gel and treatment gel. AgeLoc galvanic spa will propel the key ingredients of the ageLoc facial gels to reduce the lines and wrinkles, provide a more lifted, contour appearance in just five minutes.

Clinically proven result


  • Binds to impurities
  • Softens and relax pores, allowing them to breathe
  • Dissolves and liquefies excess facial oils
  • Soothes and conditions skin

Treatment phase

  • Removes impurities in the targeted pre-treat phase
  • Revives and invigorates tired and stressed skin
  • Enhances hydration and leave skin feeling soft, clean and refreshed
  • Combats damaging free radicals caused by environmental stressors

Complete treatment

  • Provide eye catching, skin rejuvenating results with just a few five minutes sessions each week
  • Works to restore skin vibrancy by removing impurities
  • Deliver beneficial ingredients enhanced by galvanic currents
  • Helps visibly reduce lines and wrinkles and reveal a firmer, more lifted, contoured appearance in just five minutes

For the best result, use this treatment once a week and there are four treatments in a box.

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