11/11 Special!

November the 11th is becoming a popular shopping day around the globe. It started in China as a shopping season for people who are not in a relationship. It’s believed to have commenced in the 1990s by a group of single male students in universities.

E-commerce platforms in China, such as Tmall shopping platform Alibaba, see the potential and started a heavy discount in 2009.

It’s gaining popularity around the globe, and I have seen many stores and e-commerce are starting to follow the 11/11 trend by offering heavy discounts.

This year, my favourite products are also on special on 11/11. The items on my wishlist will be on special on 11/11. These are the products that I would highly recommend for everyone because these products are the products that we need to use daily.

Nutriol- Anti-Ageing Scalp and hair System

Why will I love it?

Clinical Results after 6 months

Over 90% of subjects** said their hair had improved in:


Celltrex Duo

Celltrex Always Right Recovery Mask

Infused with bioadaptive botanicals, this luxurious mask helps your skin recover from, and increase resiliency to, the effects of stress, pollution, and your unique environment.

 Suitable for all skin types

 Lightweight texture

Celltrex Always Right Recovery Fluid

Formulated to keep skin soft, radiant, and comfortable during the day, and complement your skin’s ability to bounce back from environmental stressors during the night, this Nutricentials® must-have makes sure that your skin is always at its best, no matter what life throws at you.


 Suitable for all skin types

 Lightweight texture

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