Loving Ourselves Is The Best Way To Be Responsible For Our Family

We love your kids more than anything else in this world, not being cheesy, but I am confident to say I love my daughter more than myself. From time to time, I will look at myself and make sure I am getting all the pampering that I deserve, so I can stay positive and happy to pass on the unconditional love towards my family.

Our lives are now connected to our digital devices for both to stay connected with families and friends. Mostly now are living in the era where even work is done through an online and digital device. Many of us don’t realise, but we spend more time on our technology than with our family person to person.

According to the research, adults spend around 11 hours on screens time per day. We can need to spend some time on social media, which shows significant improvements in mental well-being. Too much blue light will cause damage to the eye’s retina.

We need to give your eyes a little pampering by giving your a break, massage and exercise. Take eye health supplements and food that contains anti-oxidant properties like vitamin C and green tea, food that claims to support eye health like blueberries, carrots and green vegetables.

A busy mother like me will skip meals, and sometimes I would go out for takeaways, and I realised as I get older, I prefer to get healthy takeaways over fast food. I am also starting to think about filling myself up with healthy food, especially when eating out. From my own experience, or maybe because I am getting old, I can tell the difference in my body functions when having junk food a few days in a row or skipping meals and not eating well. At the end of the day, when you give yourself enough time and love, your family will be happier too.

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Collagen is an important structural protein found throughout your skin, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. As an adult, your body produces about 1.5% less collagen every year, and its production can also be inhibited by oxidative stressors such as sunlight. This means that adding extra collagen to your diet can be vital for your skin and body to function ideally. 


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