New Months, New Habits

I can’t believe it’s already the last day of October. I have been in lockdown for 75 days, though compared to our neighbour country Australia, 75 days of lockdown is nothing. 

Though I haven’t been in the sun for two months already, my skin is getting clearer or brighter. But I have been getting a few dark spots on the skin. What I couldn’t understand is I have been using Tri-phasic White SPF 15 lotion during the day. Though my previous breakout scars are fading away, my skin texture is not getting better or not as much I expected it to be.

Then I realised, within these two months, I have been sitting in front of the digital screens for at least 10 hours a day, and I have skipped many days of collagen plus. On top of getting spots on my skin, my eyes are also getting dry and irritated. I know many people around just like me, working from home spending almost more than 8 hours per day in front of our digital screens. 

We need to look after health as well as our skin, especially with our eyes. Having tired and eyes may be very uncomfortable, which may decrease your productivity. 

How to prevent damaged eyes from blue light?  

There are a few ways to reduce and prevent blue light damage to our eyes. 

First, the easiest way to protect our eyes from blue light damage while working in front of the digital screen is to wear anti-blue light glasses. 

The second, the classical way, take a break from the screen once every 20 minutes. While taking a break from the screen, you can give the eyes a little exercise, staring at an objective at a distance for a couple of seconds, or give your eyes a little massage to ease the tiredness. 

Thirdly, take vision protective supplements to assist with protecting our eyes from early degeneration in macular, reduce blurry visions and dry eyes. 

Many eye care supplements will consist of these vitamins and minerals; 

  • vitamin C 
  • vitamin E
  • lutein 
  • zeaxanthin
  • zinc 
  • cooper 

These vitamins and minerals are known to have benefits for some people, though vision supplements will not restore vision loss or prevent age-related degeneration macular. Research shows that taking those vitamins and minerals will help with reducing the risk of worsening in age-related macular by 25%. 

Taking eye supplements and collagen supplements are now on my daily task. I need to take a capsule of the eye health supplement and a dose of collagen every morning and evening. To assist with maintaining both of my health.

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Eye Formula

Clinically-supported levels of lutein and Zeaxanthin in a synergistic combination

Provides total protection of the macula – lutein protects the outer portion while Zeaxanthin protects the central portion of the macula.

May help to reduce glare sensitivity in younger adults.

Unique combination of complementary nutrients for proprietary eye health and protection.

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