Pandemic, Don’t Panic.

It has been two months since lockdown started in late August. There are no improvements with this lockdown, and the number of cases is not slowing down. Therefore, homeschooling and working from home is something that will happen occasionally. We need to prepare ourselves for this situation of being productive and multi-tasking. Working from home in my comfort and at my own pace. What’s even better is, working in the career field that I like.

During this lockdown, I wondered to myself, why is this pandemic not ending? According to history, many pandemics existed but, they all completely disappeared after receiving the correct treatments. I don’t understand why Covid is not leaving for good, but it evolves into something else and cause another pandemic. In 2020, we had lockdowns for Covid 19, and this year we’re experiencing lockdown due to the large outbreak of Delta. From the pattern, I somehow predict that we will be living in this situation for a little while. What I hope is, children’s vaccinations to be available soon. I can’t wait to send my daughter back to school to get a safe and sound education.

I know that this pandemic is affecting my people in all aspects. That may include mental health, financially and relationships within families. Looking from the bright side, we used to complain about having no time available for our friends and families, and now here it is, we got so much time for doing video calls, phone calls or as simple as texting. We are already living in a harsh situation, so don’t give yourself more pressure. I always tell myself, I do what I can control. If it’s out of my control, then those concerns should not be worried by me. Keep it easy because we are not superheroes. I am a wonder woman for my family, where I need to get the meals ready, get the washings done, guide my daughter with her homework and keep up with my career. Those tasks are my missions, do my best with those tasks and be a good, responsible citizen for the communities.

On the other hand, if we look at this pandemic as an opportunity. Being stuck at home allows me to plan my future, where do I want to be in the next five years. How do I achieve my goal? How would I survive if this pandemic won’t end anytime soon?

My dream career always involves technology and the internet, and this is a great time to start investing in my dream career. I will be going back to college once again to achieve my IT dream. I think this pandemic is bringing the world together via internet connection. This movement has brought me a step closer to my dream goal, my dream career. Blogging is something that I will never stop doing because writing blogs is part of me, part of my life, where I can share my acne-prone skin experience and express my opinion with everyone.

Not being sarcastic, thinking positive and making every move we can is the only way to survive in this current harsh situation. Let us put our helping hands together, be supportive for our communities, take care of our family and friends emotional needs, be kind to each other and most importantly, be easy on ourselves. Let’s hope that the Covid pandemic will be over soon.

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