Second Day of School Holidays

Working and Homeschooling

Today the second day of the school holidays in New Zealand, I have to give myself a pat on the back and also everyone who have children also deserve a big pat on the back. New Zealand has been in Covid lockdown since the 27th of August. Parents and caregivers have to multi-task with homeschool the children and working from home for the whole month.
And now, they are on term three school holiday, by thinking of that makes me shiver, it’s worst then got called to the office to talk with the manager. There’s always a silver line around the cloud because I can have takeaways once in a while.

While sitting around watching my girl enjoying her lego and electronic time, I came across some ideas to make life easier as a parent or caregiver whenever needing to work and care for them. My girl is more of a crafty person as she likes to build lego and playing Minecraft. I asked her to assemble a phone stand with her lego pieces without any instructions were given. It might sound silly, but it’s a fabulous way to strengthen their motoring skills and imaginations.

Having fun with arts and crafts can be a pleasure because I am one of those arts and craftspeople. I used to have concerns with the number of time children spending on their electronic devices. Now they need to use their electronic devices to have full access to the school education facilities and materials for education. To expand their imaginations and focus ability is to let them play and without getting interrupted. I’ve learnt this fact from the book ‘How to live, What to do’ by Josh Cohen. This book has guided me to learn how to be easy on myself and the child. I would always dream of having a perfect girl, or that perfect girl is my daughter. Now I understand that she is ‘perfect’ the way she is. Nothing could be better than having a child who is confident with herself. Along with keeping their minds healthy, we also need to keep them healthy by taking them out for some outdoor activities to get a little bit of sunshine to avoid vitamin D deficiency is also essential to raise healthy and happy children. I am no therapist here, declaring that this conclusion is purely from readings, observations and personal experience.

Anything is possible when you can imagine

If you can imagine it, you can make it!

I asked her to make me a phone stand with her spare pieces from her Duplo. She went online to look for inspirations, then added her creation into the work. She is a girl with an angel face, who likes to wear pink dresses and love to be a princess, but this doesn’t stop her from building legos and playing Minecraft. Limit the stereotyping and, I also learnt that giving guidance will give better results than giving instructions of what to do and what not to do.

Remember you are the best!

To all the super amazing parents and caregivers out there, thank you for reading this article. The last you know your kids the best, nobody understands your children more than you. Just do what you think is the best, and no one can be better than you for your children.

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  1. I completely agree with you final statement 👏


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