Vitamin C Recommendations

Vitamin C serum or oil is getting gaining popularity in many people skincare routines recently. It has many properties that benefit our skin, such as stimulating collagen production to prevent and reduce lines and wrinkles. The powerful anti-oxidant properties defending our skin cells against environmental stressors, pollutions, and free radicals damage. The anti-inflammatory properties is another benefit that many people with skin concerns need to have in their daily skincare routines.

I am a very cautious person when introducing new skincare products into my daily routine. With my acne-prone condition, I would do careful research before using the products.

First product: Banish Oil

Banish oil is the first vitamin C that I used on my skin. This product is made specifically for people who have acne-prone skin. This vitamin C is oil-based, and it uses glycerin as the base. Glycerin derives from plants, which allows our skin to keep its natural balance of oils and hydration. 

This vitamin C oil uses L-ascorbic acid, a pure form of vitamin C. It also contains other organic ingredients to this product to achieve these benefits below: 

  • Evening out skin tone and reducing look of hyperpigmentation and dark spots
  • Skin appears smoother and firmer
  • skin feels hydrated

The best of all about Banish oil is, they are made fresh to order so consumers can enjoy the effectiveness of vitamin C.  

La Roche Posay: Vitamin C 10

La Roche Posay 10% pure vitamin C is the one that I would suggest for those who have sensitivity and acne-prone skin conditions. La Roche Posay products are great for people who have sensitive skin. This vitamin C serum, it’s water-based vitamin C serum. Hence ascorbic acid is used in the ingredients. I don’t usually use products from the drugstores because most of them would irritate my skin and cause breakouts. I decided to try this product is because the ingredients in this product sound professional and reasonable to use on my hypersensitive and acne-prone skin. Secondly, the reviews for this product has convinced me to give this vitamin C serum a shot. I like it so far because it hasn’t caused any trouble yet. It’s a gel-like texture, fast absorption without feeling greasy, and I have to say it’s a perfect serum to add to your spring and summer skincare routines. This product can be used on all skin types, and if you are looking for a product to smooth, refine and soothe skin, then this is a perfect serum to try.

The active ingredients in this product include: 

  • Vitamin C- ascorbic acid, 10% pure vitamin C, provide antioxidant properties 
  • Salicylic acid: unclogged pores benefit, refine the appearance of your skin
  • Neurosensine: assist with skin soothing 

La Clinica- Vitamin C Potent Antioxidant Oil

La Clinica: Vitamin C Potent Antioxidant Oil

This vitamin C oil is one of the vitamin C oil that I am dying to try. Due to the covid condition in New Zealand and Australia, this product was out of stock. I am currently using their retinol oil and swear by it. The retinol oil from La Clinica has improved the appearance of my acne marks and skin texture, and it gave me the confidence to try their vitamin C oil. As mentioned above, they are currently out of stock. It’s a light facial vitamin oil that contains 30% of Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (Vitamin C derivative). This vitamin C oil also contains other ingredients like vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and other organic plant oils to hydrates and combat pigmentation, pollution or UV induced skin stress. 

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