How Do You Keep Your Picky Eater Healthy?

Have you thought about the fact that adults aren’t picky eaters, where most children are? As a parent, what would you do if your child is such a picky eater who mainly eats the same food every meal every day?

When a picky eater child meets a mother who can’t cook, the kitchen will get messy, both mummy and baby always have some emotional breakdown when it comes to mealtime. When she was still a toddler, I tried all the recommended recipes on the internet and still, those recipes didn’t work for her. For the first four years of her life, I give her 2-3 cups of 250ml of baby formula every day along with other children health supplements to balance her diet. Then I discovered there is a product called PeidaSure. It comes in powder form and pre-made liquid form. It comes in 3 flavours, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. The pre-made liquid bottle is 250ml, which made my life much easier because I don’t need to wash the piled up milk bottles every day after work.

The health supplements that she takes are multi-vitamin gummies, probiotics and zinc supplements. Those are three must-have supplements for her because she hasn’t been sick since I started giving her these supplements back in 2018.

Since I started giving her those supplements, I realised that she hardly catches any colds and viruses during the winter season from her friends. Her immune system is resilient compared to other children in her school, less sick days for her. Whether she caught a virus or a cold, she recovered within a couple of days.

I am grateful that she likes those supplements. It saves a my concern about her health with her poor diet. I kept on hearing that children will be easier to handle when she gets older. I do agree with that, but not from her eating part. With her, her eyes decide everything. She only tries food that looks nice to her, yet I still don’t understand her sense of beauty. I am still working on cooking meals that fit both her eyes and tastebuds.

Being a mother is tiring and stressful from time to time. So I am thankful for my wonderful mother, who is always by my side and supports me emotionally. I am also improving myself to be a better mother for my little explorer and a better daughter for my mother.

To all the mothers out there, you are doing great. Don’t listen to all the judgemental out there. You know your children the best, and you are doing your best for them. No one can understand, only you. Be yourself, and be grateful for what we have. There’s no right way or wrong way in raising children.

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