Ace on Acne

Having oily skin from genetics is onerous to prevent. Our sebaceous gland produces more sebum than other people with normal skin, and we can’t avoid it, but we can keep it under control by having a good skincare routine and a healthy lifestyle.

As you see in the diagram below, people with acne-prone skin or oily skin have a massive amount of sebum production, which makes our pores visible and, our pores get blocked and eventually rupture and create what we call pimples.

There are a few home remedies that we could do to reduce the chances of our pores gets clogged up and create whiteheads. When the whiteheads in our pores get inflamed, that is when we get the flared up breakouts.

Home remedies:

  1. Use a gentle yet effective cleanser every morning and evening. The ideal facial cleanser would be at pH 5.5 because that is the natural pH of our skin. Maintaining our skin at its natural pH balance will allow the skin to protect itself against bacteria and prevent other skin conditions.
  2. Exfoliate our skin regularly is essential for oily skin because our pores get blocked up easier than people with normal skin. To prevent clogged up pores, we must exfoliate our skin 2-3 times a week. Again choose the right product, and don’t over-exfoliate your skin again over-exfoliation also cause damage to our skin barrier.
  3. Add a cleansing mask to your skincare routine. Generally speaking, clay-based masks are best to achieve a deep cleanse for our skin. Clay masks that contain kaolin clay and charcoal powder are great for people who have oily skin. It’s gentle on our skin, but they do a great job at extracting the oils, impurities out from our pores.
  4. Use skincare that contains these ingredients, such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid, vitamin c, and retinoids, could assist in regulating sebum production.
  5. Moisturiser is a must-have in our daily skincare routine, especially if we have oily skin. Our sebaceous glands will produce more sebum than it already has when our skin isn’t getting enough hydration.


Oily skin is unpreventable because our sebaceous glands produce more sebum than other people. We can reduce the appearance of oiliness by keeping with our cleansed and use suitable skincare with recommended ingredients to keep the oiliness under control. Most importantly, even with oily skin, we need to keep our skin moisturised. Otherwise, our sebaceous glands will produce more sebum than how it usually would.

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