My Acne Is going Away!

I am still enjoying the peacefulness of lockdown and the convenience of doing shopping with my fingertips. I would like to update a satisfying result on my acne-prone skin.

Within the past two months, I started to get clustered breakouts on my jawlines. First, I think unbalanced hormones are the primary cause of breakouts. But what causes unbalanced hormones? Then, I realised I was working myself too hard. My usual routine would be spending twenty hours per week creating social media content and writing blogs. I also spend roughly another fifteen hours a week working closely with people as a skincare advisor at a health and beauty store. But in mid-July, I worked double the amount as I usually do. Another fact is that I wasn’t paying attention to my daily diet. For me, I always find having high-carb food is awfully satisfying whenever I am feeling exhausted. The last fact is that having a healthy gut flora also have an impact on your skin.

On top of adding and adjusting a couple of skincare products, I have also starting to take probiotics to assist a healthy gut. I found that keeping my guts healthy and going to the toilet daily does keep my skin clear. I have been taking Collagen+ powder for almost eight weeks now, and I feel a significant difference within myself. On top of having a regularity with my daily toilet routine, I find going to the toilet is much easier, less painful than how it was.

While sitting home and shopping from my fingertips for my Father’s Day present, I also got myself a spot treatment to try. Yes, it worked amazingly! The product is called Blemish Treatment from the Epoch product line. I’ve used many blemishes treatments, but none of them works effectively.

Thursday Plantation: Tea Tree Blemish Stick, suppose to be a concealer and reduce spot inflammation. For me I don’t see any visible result.

REAL-U: it’s a natural spot treatment, contain no benzoyl peroxide and no salicylic acid. It works, it does reduce the inflamed pimples, but it takes its time.

Epoch: contained 2% salicylic acid, but yes it does diminish the angry pimples fast.

I apply the treatment every morning and evening onto the affected area. I can resist the treatment is because epoch blemish treatment is unlike other spot treatments that I’ve used. I get a slight cooling sensation when I apply it to the spots, and it doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable as the gel feels heavy on my skin. The best part is, it absorbs into my skin instantly. “Epoch Blemish Treatment combines proven pore-clearing acne medicine with Job’s tears, used historically in Asia to reduce redness; yarrow, used for centuries to help soothe the skin; burdock, which helps clear up troubled complexions; and skin soothing chamomile extract.”

Lately, I am amazed by all the epoch products that I have tried from curiosity because I am a fan of the Yin & Yang mask from the epoch range. To my surprise, I liked all the products I’ve tried. They gave me an experience of something that I haven’t experienced before. The uniquely aromatic scent and texture are made just right for its purpose.

From the 1st of September till the 31st of October 2021, I will participate in the L!VE & G!VE fundraising campaign 2021. With every purchase of an epoch range, Nu Skin will donate US$0.25 to the Force for Good Foundation. Join me to discover the wisdom of indigenous cultures and also being generous to give back to make the world better.

Epoch Range

Designed in balance with nature, Epoch features efficacious plant wisdom from indigenous cultures. The Epoch products provide a variety of benefits from soothing tired legs, to hydrating and exfoliating your skin. Nu Skin donates $0.25 from every Epoch product sale to the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation

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