Nu Skin Epoch Range

Hi everyone! Happy Mum’s Life Journey will be recommending a new range of skincare products from the Nu Skin Epoch line. During the lockdown, I bought a 2 in 1 Epoch Yin & Yang mask. I loved it and added it to my weekly facial spa routine.

There are two reasons why I would like to recommend the whole range of products to you all. The first reason is that all the Epoch skincare products are made with natural ingredients. The second reason is,Nu Skin will donate US$0.25cents to the Force for Good Foundation for every sale of the Epoch product.

Their range of products has Epoch Baby Wash and Shampoo, Shampoos and Conditioner, Facial Masks, Body Butter, Foot Creams, Blemish Treatment, Deodorant, Exfoliating Bar and Shaving Foam.

Those are the range of products that they offer. I am proud to be in the Force for Good Foundation.
The recommended epoch products.

The first product I would like to introduce is the epoch baobab body butter. It contained three delicious key ingredients: Baobab Fruit Pulp Extract, shea butter and macadamia oil. I love the long-lasting hydration, without feeling oily or greasy, and it has a delicious scent. I highly recommend this body butter for expectant mums because it helps to keep the skin well moisturised and may prevent stretch marks.

The second product is epoch shampoo and conditioner. It uses the extract bulb-like flower of ava puhi, used by the Polynesians for centuries to clean, soften and condition our hair and is safe for coloured and chemically treated hair. It’s a perfect shampoo for the whole family.

The third product is epoch baby wash & shampoo. It uses hibiscus flower extract to soothes and moisturizes the baby’s skin and maintain a healthy-looking scalp. It’s a must-have product for my daughter when she goes to her weekly swimming class. It gently cleanses the chlorine away without stripping the natural moisture from her skin.

Finally, it’s the Yin & Yang mask, my current favourite mask. The mask contained kaolin and charcoal powder, porcelain flower extract, jasmine sambac scent. Those three key ingredients are used in this mask to detox and nourish our skin. My skin felt smooth, and it also brightened up my complexion. 

I find Epoch products are economical compared to its competitors. Epoch products’ ingredients are all carefully chosen and sourced from the best environment. All products have the assurance of quality and safety for their consumers. With all the goodness they offered to their consumers and back to the community. They are doing their best, and the rest is up upon us.

Join me! Treat ourselves with the best and also be responsible for our children and the community. We can create smiles and build a brighter and better future by just purchasing a product from the Nu Skin Epoch line.

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