Found A New Skincare Product, A Product That Is Good For Our Skin and The future

NZ will be staying on level 4 lockdown for another week, and I am glad that the government is taking good cautious for our safety. However, I am a little anxious about the education of the children. I tried my best with homeschooling my daughter with the activities that are offered by the school.

On the other hand, I find it frustrating when I still see people still walking around without wearing a mask or any sort of protection. We need to be kind to each other by protecting ourselves and others. With my situation, I did some stock up of the groceries in the freezer. By doing that, I can reduce the number of trips to the supermarket. I hope we can all be kind to each other by wearing some protection when we go out for a walk.

I am hoping everyone is doing well and staying positive during the lockdown. While you are spending time with your family, don’t forget to take some time to nourish yourself. Enjoy a cup of tea, have a warm bath, and give yourself a luxurious spacial spa from time to time. Having time to myself with no interruption is what I enjoyed the most about the lockdown. I don’t need to rush myself to finished anything on the daily schedule.

During last week lockdown, I found myself a new facial mask to try. The mask has the benefits of detox and nourishes our skin. “Epoch- Yin and Yang Mask” is the name of the mask. The product uses kaolin clay and charcoal powder to detox our skin, porcelain flower extract to promote softer, smoother looking skin and jasmine sambac scent to promote a sense of inner serenity.

Epoch- Yin and Yang Mask

I am adding this product to my weekly facial spa routine, due to two main reasons. The first reason is the result that I get from using the mask, and the second is that Epoch will donate US$0.25 to Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation to help create a brighter, better for children around the world.

We are already living in a hard situation with all the crises around us, but yet we are still luckier than the others. Be kind and generous, give a hand to those who really needed our help. Every contribution makes a big difference.

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