NZ is facing our 3rd-time lockdown within eight months this year. As a mother, I am somehow glad that my daughter is used to the lockdown compared to last year when the first time lockdown happened.

I guess we are now all used to the fact that we will be getting sudden due to the rise of the active cases. Having a lockdown doesn’t horrify me anymore because the school uses the app that is called Seesaw, which allows teachers and parents to see and the works that students have completed both from school and from home. Most importantly, I can communicate with her teacher directly via the Seesaw app.

Within this lockdown, I found that things are getting much easier between us. It might just be that she is getting older and everything makes more sense, or she is just getting bored with the device. I thought for once if I just let her stay on the iPad as long as she likes for a few days, but spare me bedtime is still 9:30pm. The method actually worked, as she is now less clinging onto the iPad. Getting excited with doing the old school activities, such as colourings, building legos and doing her homework.

I’m so impressed with how well she behaved this time. We got no fusses and no tears about outdoor activities. We even started to watch some of the movies and cartoons that I watched when I was a kid. I am enjoying this lockdown because it allows me to catch up with friends and family. This time, we earned something valuable: a “family bond”. We are all too caught up with the daily lives that hardly allow us to discuss something as simple as “what should we have for dinner”?

From my own perspective, I appreciate this lockdown firstly is the health of society. I will be staying home for this whole week, as requested by the government. Secondly, it allows me to strengthen up my relationships with my friends and family. It brought us closer, and we start to appreciate each others time and presence. Lastly, I would like to say is join me and give a hand to support those who needed our help by donating a bag of VitaMeal to Nourish the Children.

Nourish the Children is a programme that helps children who suffer from hunger. Vitameals has been scientifically formulated to give the right amount of minerals and vitamins to support healthy growth. The programme started in 2002, and it has donated more than 700 million meals to malnourished children all around the world.

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