2 Weeks Of Battling With Acne

It has been two weeks since I have been battling with a gush of flared-up breakouts all of a sudden due to unbalanced hormones. It’s time for me to update my current skin situation with all the acne warriors out there. After two weeks of battling by using both oral taken supplements, daily skincare routine, and mask treatments that I have carefully chosen to help with fighting acne, My Acne Attacked Me Again! I also take other health supplements such as Vitex to balance the unbalanced hormone to reduce the breakouts and collagen powder to promote healthy, hydrated skin. 

Unbalanced hormones may result in breakouts or conditions such as dry skin, etc. You could try taking a supplement that contains Vitex Agnus-Castus (Chasteberry). It won’t just treat common health problems such as relieving premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menstrual disorders, infertility, acne, menopause, nursing difficulties. I have been doing deep cleanse and chemically exfoliate my skin regularly within these two weeks to fight against acne bacteria and clearing away acne scars. My skin is starting to get dry, rough, and sensitive, so I also take collagen Collagen +  to increase skin hydration and promote healthy, dewy skin from inside out. 

These were taken on the 03/Aug/21
Left jaw————————Right jaw

The photos have shown the latest result on my hormonal breakouts. The acne around the jawline is now all soothed and calm compared to two weeks ago when it started to flare up. Now it’s time for me to work out another skincare routine and supplements to help with removing the leftover acne scars and maintain dewy, healthy skin.

If you have missed my previous post about the sudden flared up acne. and what I use when my skin situation is changing ‘Does Our Skin Change?‘ I recommend adding a collagen supplement to your daily diet to provide collagen to your body. It will provide benefits to our complexion and our health. We need to have a good amount of collagen for our body to function smoothly with our bones and joints. 

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  1. […] I am a mum who has always suffer from acne-prone issues since I was a teenager. I came across impressive products to assist with controlling and reducing breakouts. I always love to share my experience with everyone who might be having the same problem as me.  My Acne Attacked Me Again! 2 Weeks Of Battling With Acne.  […]


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