Does Our Skin Change?

Have you ever wonder why we need to change our skincare regularly? Do you get the message that your skin tells you? After using certain products, our skin will be starting to get the signs of still feeling dryness, tightness and flaky skin. Some people who suffer from oily skin will experience the opposite, visible larger pores with whiteheads and become very sensitive around the eye areas. When the signs appear on my skin, that’s the time I will be searching for a new skincare product to eliminate those signs.

As I get older, I found that my skin is not as oily as before. I still get hormonal acne from time to time. When the hormones in the body are unbalanced, either we may suffer from dry skin or oilier skin. These factors, environmental factors, genetic factors, diet, and cosmetic products, can cause our skin to change. Therefore we need to change our skincare products as regular as once every three months, ideally speaking when the season changes, it’s a good time to change our skincare products.

Currently, I am using two types of night creams from the Nutricentials range. It’s the world first bioadaptive, anti-blue light skincare Bio-adaptive worry free ingredients skincare system is on the way to the NZ market. I use both gel-based moisturiser and cream-based moisturiser. Gel-based moisturisers are lightweight it hydrates my skin without feeling oily or greasy. The cream-based moisturiser contains a blend of light oil in the ingredients to provide me with a balance of hydration and moisturisation. I switch them around depending on how my skin is feeling at the end of the day.

Then I recently added another product to my night skincare routine. That is the’ Pillow Glow’ sleeping mask from the Nutricentials range. I need to put it after my night cream to help my skin to help recover the hydration that I lose during the day from too much exposure to electronic devices and the UV rays. High exposure to blue light and UV rays will cause pre-mature signs and also may cause skin cancer. It is extremely important to use UV rays protection during the day and repair the damage at night.

Back to the topic, regarding the skin changes and how we can keep up to date with our skincare and keeping our skin healthy for someone who suffers from sensitive and acne condition like me. Here are my little tips, and hopefully, they can give you a bit of a guideline. It’s crucial to wear sunscreen in the daytime, even if you are indoors most of the time. No matter what the weather is like, ” put on your sunscreen whether it’s shiny or rainy”. Water-based moisturisers will specify themselves as lotions, gel, or water cream, as our skin tends to get oilier when the weather gets warmer. Exfoliation is an important step to do in our facial routine during the autumn season. The reason being is that if we don’t exfoliate our skin regularly during autumn, I tend to get more breakouts. It could be because the pores get clogged up with the heavier moisturiser. In the wintertime, I need to use a richer moisturiser to keep my skin well hydrated. Otherwise, it will become dry and sensitive.

I hope my little tips could help you in your daily skincare and give you some guidelines on choosing the right products for your skin.

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